As I enter my fifth season of racing I am excited to announce that it will be my first at the Pro level. I will be racing with Hedrick Women's Racing p/b Novatec in 2015. 

Check out my bio below and my new team!

My approach to racing mirrors the way I strive to live my life; with a desire to learn and and a willingness to listen. 

In 2010 my parents forced me on a bike ride in Hershey, PA. I was a pain (and punk) about it - I wouldn't even wear a helmet.  We had such a great time riding I immediately bought a bike when I returned to Oakland where I live now. A few century rides, 2 bikes and 70 lbs lost later, I decided to give racing a try. Throughout these past few years, racing has helped me maintain and regulate my health and get out and adventure all over the Bay Area (and beyond). I'm lucky to be able to fit in my training rides on my commute to work at Pandora Radio. I'm looking forward to the 2015 season and a great year with the Hedrick Women's Racing p/b Novatec team.