What i do for fun



What i do for fun

When I'm not working, I do a good job at keeping busy. Here are a few things that interest me.



In 2017, my wife and I purchased Dragonfly Ranch, enamored by the organic farming community and beauty of the Capay Valley. Dragonfly Ranch is a 5 acre ranch property nestled between almond and fruit orchards. We have two horses, five goats and a tiny wife (i.e. the dog). We love the outdoors but also like a little luxury. To that end, we have wanted to share our property with others, so we created a camping experience that aims to be approachable, friendly and hassle free. We cater to all levels of campers and are united by the desire to get away and enjoy what nature has to offer.

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I got into cycling a 8 years ago, when I was home visiting my parents in Pennsylvania. I fell in love and bought a bike immediately after returning to California. Since then, I've conquered century rides, a double century and the Death Ride (twice).

After I got bored with endurance riding, I started racing.  I have worked my way through the ranks of the Northern California and Nevada Cycling Association and hold a California State Criterium Championship title. Now I spend most of my time doing longer road rides and exploring new trails with friends.


Shortly after college, I had some substantial health issues, mostly involving my weight. I was an early adopter of the fitness wearable device called the BodyBugg. I used it to manage my diet and exercise. Having the BodyBugg helped me get my weight under control. Ever since then, I've been obsessed with health technology and designing for the underserved in the health space.

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User experience and visual design are both a personal and professional interest of mine. I've taught myself how to wireframe and create journey maps in order to help communicate ideas for my projects. I've also become highly proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator by designing logos and sites for my friends and family. I think that good design can be simple and inexpensive, and I love that I get to have a part in making products better for both myself and the world around me.


First off, just because I love music does not mean I have great taste! I will listen to almost anything, especially songs I can sing along to. That's right, I love karaoke. I feel that music is a great way to communicate a thought or a story, and love that it can truly change lives.



As a kid I was always doodling in my school note books. I loved sketching various cartoon characters. I lost my love for drawing over the years, but I have recently rediscovered my passion.

I try to draw something at least once a day. Currently I am into drawing robots and monsters.



I love, love, love coffee! I mean who doesn't?! One fun fact about me is that I prefer my coffee cold brewed. Even on chilly, rainy winter days you will find me with a cold brewed coffee. Currently, I am into Blue Bottle's New Orleans style coffee. I like to make my own at home and bring it to work in a mason jar.